Bank Receptionist LoT

The villainous and unnamed Bank Receptionist

The unnamed Bank Receptionist (Rebecca Olson) was a villainess from "Blood Ties," episode 1.03 of Legends of Tomorrow (airdate February 4, 2016). She was a South African assassin posing as a receptionist at the Blumberg Bank in Leipzig, Germany in 1975.

Rip Hunter and Sara Lance traveled to that place and time in order to prevent Vandal Savage from having the proper funds needed for his diabolical conquest. They encounter the receptionist and buy their way into a meeting with one of the bankers, but as Sara correctly pointed out, the villainess is actually one of the assassins planted at the bank, as she had a gun at her desk.

The evil receptionist was shown with the banker and other assassins confronting the duo, as she had a gun pointed at Rip and Sara. However, the blonde villainess was the first among the group to be killed, as Sara tossed a knife at her.

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