Bambi and Barbi 1 (Heavy Mental)

Bambi (Virginia Bryant) and Barbi (Bonnie Zimmerman) are two henchwomen in the 2009 Troma heavy metal horror film "Heavy Mental: A Rock-n-Roll Blood Bath".

Bambi and Barbi are henchwomen for Delicious Incorporated, under the employment of the film's main antagonist, Mrs. Delicious.  They are all part of Mrs. D's Sexy She-Thugs .

Near the start of the film, this sadistic duo run down and kill a young man with their car, simply because he was putting up promotional posters for his heavy metal band. Later, they decide to murder Morbid Melvin, the simple-minded hot-dog eating champion by gutting him with his own trophy. Hero "Monster Ace" doesn't take too kindly to this and fatally "headbangs" the two women together.


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