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"Bad Girl" official art.

Bad Girl
(バッドガール) is a secondary antagonist in the 2007 Wii action game "No More Heroes".

Official website bio: "Her name sums her up nicely. Her targets find a nice contrast between her distinct, "Lolita" fashion and her bloodstained baseball bat."

Age: 23, UAA Rank: 2nd, Location: Destroy Stadium basement

Bad Girl is challenged by Travis Touchdown after a session of killing masochist men with her bat as they slide down a conveyor belt. Throughout the battle, she will often cry, though the tears are only genuine half of the time. The other time it is a ruse to land a fatal counterattack. Though ultimately impaled by Travis's beam katana, she does not succumb to death until after he "concedes" victory to her.

Bad-Girl-B NMH
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