Dancing Henchwomen

Henchwomen of the villain DJ Elephant Head posing as backup dancers. They appear in the 2011 TV series, Supah Ninjas episode "DJ Elephant Head". The two backup dancers are Ashley Cusato (blonde) and Tamiko Brownlee (brunette).

Role[edit | edit source]

The two backup dancers help their boss in his scheme to steal a diamond called the "Eye of India". In order to do that, they stage a concert in the Benjamin Rush High School. Their plan is to use DJ Elephant Head's hypnotic music to make everyone fall asleep during the concert, so he can use the school underground tunnels to get to the museum in which the diamond is displayed and steal it. However, their plan is foiled when the three main heroes arrive to confront them, having plugged their ears to resist the hypnotic music.

The two backup dancers engage two of the heroes in a hand-to-hand fight while the third hero fights their boss. Their fighting style is a combination of dance moves and martial arts, and they move in perfect synchronization. They are ultimately defeated when the heroes dodge one of their assaults and cause them to knock each other out. Their final scene shows them knocked out and tied up with their boss, and they are later presumably arrested off-screen.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Tamiko Brownlee later played another nameless villainess in ABC's The Rookie as a villainous robber.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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