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The unnamed Babysitter is an unseen villainess mentioned in "Lights Out", episode 4.20 of Glee (airdate April 25, 2013). She was a villainess from Ryder Lynn's past, her having been his babysitter when he was eleven years old.

The episode showed Ryder feeling upset over his online girlfriend Katie not responding to his latest messages, with Ryder telling Jake Puckerman that he had told Katie a secret of his that he had never told anyone else. Jake encouraged Ryder to share his secret with people he actually knew, and after performing a rendition of R.E.M.'s Everybody Hurts, Ryder revealed to the Glee club his secret: he was molested by his babysitter.

As Ryder recounted, his babysitter walked in on him while he was showering, at which point the villainess fondled Ryder before further sexually abusing him. Ryder also revealed that his babysitter was a seventeen year old girl; a fact that led Sam Evans and Artie Abrams to disregard Ryder's molestation as "every teenage boy's fantasy", even after Ryder revealed that the experience left him with an inability to trust girls. Will stood up for Ryder and stated that he would have to report the incident, only for Ryder to reveal that his abuser had been been arrested and sent to prison, having been caught sexually abusing another boy.


Glee - Ryder tells the Glee Club he was Molested 4x20

Glee - Ryder tells the Glee Club he was Molested 4x20

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