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Babs Peterson plays the sadistic President of the Tri Delta sorority in the 1988 movie, "Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-Rama. Babs is played by the late actress, Robin Stille (1961-1996), who also went by the name of Robin Rochelle.

In the movie, Babs and two other sorority sisters are putting two girls, Taffy (Brinke Stevens) and Lisa (Michelle Bauer), through initiation. They are spanking them with wooden paddles and spraying them with whip cream. After this hazing takes place, three pervert boys come in after spying on them outside. Babs and the other sisters punish the boys for barging in on the initiation, by sending them to the local bowling alley along with the two pledges. Their task is to steal a trophy from the alley. Without them knowing it, Babs' father owns the mall where the bowling alley is located, and she and her two henchbitches intend to watch them with the use of security cameras and then scare them when an appropriate time presents itself.

When the group arrives at the alley, they meet Spider (Linnea Quigley) who is a biker trying to rob the alley with a crowbar. They team up with her and break into the trophy room. However, they accidentally drop the trophy, which allows an imp named Uncle Impie to be released. The Imp grants them three wishes for releasing them. Jimmie (Hal Havins) is granted a stack of gold bars which end up being wood. Taffy is granted the wish of being the Prom Queen, and her prom dress later disappears. Keith (John Stuart Widman) is granted the wish of having sex with Lisa.

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Imp takes possession of the sorority girls in the camera watching. Frankie (Carla Baron) is turned into the Bride of Frankenstein and Rhonda is turned into a demon zombie minion while Babs flees and avoids the curse. However, while fleeing she touches the mall's electric doors and is knocked out unconscious.

Jimmie is killed by the minions and his head is used as a bowling ball. Keith is killed by Rhonda by shoving his face into a stove and Taffy is pulled apart horizontally by the minions. Spider and Calvin shoot Rhonda with a pistol. Babs wakes up and fights Rhonda, her old friend, who shoves her into the alley and is seemingly killed by a bowling ball by Spider. With Rhonda supposedly dead, Babs is possessed and turned into a leather-clad demon minion with dominatrix tendencies.

Calvin and Spider find the Janitor, who reveals the Imp was trapped for 30 years in the trophy. Meanwhile, Babs Lisa, and asks her "Still wanna join the Sorority Lisa?".  She then kills Lisa by spanking her to death with a paddle.

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She is lured into the lockeroom by Calvin and Spider, where she has a catfight with Spider. Spider sprays her with gasoline and then Calvin throws a molotov cocktail on her. The two watch on as Babs burns to death. Afterwards, Spider says to Calvin, "It's too bad we had to kill her. I really liked the outfit she had on." And it was a very nice dominatrix outfit at that. It was very dark, and the light only allowed to grab glimpses of the entire thing. She had a leather bra that barely contained her breasts from popping out. The leather bra had metal spikes on the outside. She was wearing black silk stockings and black high heel stilettos on. Her bottom was a short dark blue leather, almost a bikini length. She was wearing a dark blue shiny silk nighty like robe, that was very thin, and almost served as a cape. And she had fishnet opera gloves on. Her punched out hair was a silvery grey and looked like she had a bad perm.

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