Carrol Baker as Baba Yaga

"Baba Yaga", a horrible witch of eastern European myth was resurrected by artist Guido Crepax in his adult comic strip "Valentina". Far from the old crone of legend, Crepax's Baba Yaga is a sexy, alluring woman. The comic was so popular, it inspired a movie (BABA YAGA) and an Italian TV series ("Valentina").

In the movie, Carrol Baker plays Baba Yaga, a mysterious woman who invades the life of a young photographer Valentina (Isabelle De Funès), causing the girl to have kinky nightmares and even curses the girl's camera causing the photos' subjects to die mysteriously.

Valentina is both repelled and attracted by the mysterious Baba Yaga who wants to possess the young woman, body and soul. (The witch is a lesbian. Carrol Baker's full frontal nude scene was cut from the original release but was reinstated in the newer DVD.) Valentina is drawn to Baba Yaga's creepy old house which features a bottomless pit in the floor (similar to the one she is thrown into by Nazis in one of her nightmares).

At the end, Baba Yaga falls to her doom in the bottomless pit and Valentina's curse is lifted.

(In the Italian TV version, the Baba Yaga ends up on a bed of sharp spikes.)


Baba Yaga curses Valentina's camera to kill its subjects.


Valentia's nightmare, captured by Nazi soldiers who are really her photo models.


Valentina is thrown down a bottomless pit in her dreams.


Another strange scene from Valentina's dreams.


Valentina is bound and seduced by Baba Yaga in the old house.


The devil witch falls to her doom.

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