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Ayak (Imogen Hassall) was the evil brunette cave girl in the 1970 British prehistoric monster horror film from Hammer, "When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth".

We see the brunette Ayak, who is the girlfriend of Tara (Robin Hawdon), the hero of the film. Ayak and Tara are members of a Rock Tribe. However, Tara rescues Sanna (Victoria Vetri), a blonde girl, who was destined to be sacrificed when the sun rises. Like all the other women in this movie, Ayak wears a mastodon skinned bikini through out the movie.

Ayak notices that Tara is beginning to be interested in the new girl. Even when she dances for Tara, he continues to see only Sanna. Tara even cuts some meat for Sanna and puts it in a bowl to take it over to his new love interest. To top it off, Tara gives Sanna his necklace. This causes Ayak to become extremely jealous.

Ayak begins to make things difficult for Sanna. She turns the other women against Sanna, and then has a knife fight in the surf with her. Another woman named Ulido (Magda Konopka) finally stops Ayak from killing her.

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When the Mountain people show up at the village looking for Sanna, Ayak is the first one to let them know where she is. Luckily, Sanna sees them coming and is able to get away. While hiding in the jungle, Sanna is swallowed by a giant man eating plant, but is able to escape by cutting her blonde hair off. When the beach people find the hair near the plant, they assume that Sanna has died. Obviously Tara is heartbroken, and Ayak uses this as a chance to win him back.

In the end, Ayak falls into a quick sand pit on the beach and is swallowed up. The last thing we see from her is her hand as it disappears.


  • Imogen Hassall appeared as Nadya in the 1966 episode "Flight Plan for the British TV series "The Saint".
  • Ayak's character is similar to Nupondi, played by Martine Beswick in the 1966 film, "One Million Years B.C."
  • Imogen Hassall appeared as Cleo in the 1968 episode "Reply Box No 666" for the TV series "The Champions".
  • Imogen Hassall appeared as vampire Chriseis in the 1970 British horror film "Incense for the Damned".


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