Aya Tokoyogi is the "Witch of Notaria" in the animation Strike the Blood.


1st Season 16~20 episode


Beautiful young girl in a gorgeous kimono with black and long hair. Typical Japanese Miko.


Ten years ago, she failed to launch a secret oath on Shisei Island and was imprisoned by Minamiya Natsuki in a prison in a different space. Later, in order to rescue the leader, the library guy used her biological information to make Yoma Tokoyogi, which can be regarded as the daughter of Akan. However, people are not as good as heaven, the daughter has a feeling with her fourth true ancestor, and her subordinates in the library no longer regard her as an absolute leader. It looks really not optimistic. However, as the night of the experiment, which was planned to destroy Shisei Island ten years ago, she did not expect to rely on her daughter and her subordinates, so she not only came out to beat Yuanyang while her daughter and the ancient city were hungry, but also pulled out her guardian and robbed her, causing her serious injury. Also conveniently inserted the sword of Minamiya Natsuki and released the rest of the prison as cannon fodder. She herself will go to Caihai College, where she was originally studying, to launch a large enchantment that invalidates magic on the island of Chord God as a big experiment to prove the lie of the world - " magic does not exist, this world is also fictional". Because the power of snow vegetables may be the power to restore the world and bring snow vegetables as witnesses, and only their own power will not be affected in this enchantment. However, because the daughter has the same strength as herself and runs to have profound emotional exchanges with the ancient city, the ancient city's strength has been restored and disrupted its own plans, and snow vegetables have eliminated its magic guide book. Finally, I really can't stand the self-destruction magic launched by the public's mouth guns, but I was interrupted by the snow wolf of Yukina, and then was taken in by Minamiya Natsuki.

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