Ava Wilson

The villainous Ava Wilson

Ava Wilson (Katharine Isabelle) was a recurring villainess from the second season of Supernatural.

Ava Wilson was a secretary from Peoria, Illinois, but in her first appearance in episode 2.10, "Hunted," it was revealed that she had psychic visions and premonitions, similar to Sam Winchester, who she encountered in the episode. After the death of her fiancee, Ava was abducted and placed into a ghost town in South Dakota.

Sam found Ava in the season's penultimate episode, "All Hell Breaks Loose (Part 1)," and it was revealed that the location they were in held others with the same abilities, who were known as "Special Children." Azazel abducted them in his quest to recruit the strongest of the group to join Lucifer's army. One of the children, Lily, is suddenly killed after Ava appears to have a vision of her death, in the form of a strange headache.

Later in the episode, Ava turned heel and had Andrew, another of the children, killed. Andrew spotted Ava breaking the salt line on the window sill, and it was at that moment that a demon entered and killed Andrew, while Ava simply watched. Ava feigned panic over Andrew's death, but after Sam saw the broken salt line, the villainess ended her facade and revealed her true colors. Ava had been at the town the entire time killing off other special children just like her, revealing her plans to become the one selected by Azazel. She also revealed that she had the power to control demons, and she used that power to kill Lily and Andrew. After her confession, the evil Ava planned to used her power to kill Sam, only for Ava to be killed by Jake Talley, who snapped her neck.


  • Katharine Isabelle played the evil Tina Blake in the 2002 version of Carrie and sadistic villainess Mary Mason in the 2012 film American Mary. She also played demoness Taurez in The Immortal, villainess Mona in the 2002 movie Spooky House and later played evil waitress Liane Heatley on Motive.
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