Spoiled blackmailer Autumn Archerson

Autumn Archerson (Maitland McConnell) is a hidden villainess from "Sweet 16," episode 3.10 of CSI: NY (airdate November 22, 2006). She is the daughter of wealthy couple Debra and Edward Archerson, along with being the sister of Chaz Archerson.

Edward was found dead inside a Mercedes-Benz that was intended to be Autumn's 16th birthday gift. The progression of the investigation into his murder revealed that Autumn was spoiled, as Edward catered to her every whim. The Benz was originally believed as the continuation of Edward overindulging his daughter, but it was revealed to be a payment of sorts in response to Autumn's blackmail.

To elaborate, during Sheldon Hawkes' interview of Autumn's best friend Paige Rowand, it was revealed that the latter was on the receiving end of Edward's lusty affection after she flirted with him in an attempt to get into Autumn's birthday party. Autumn later walked in on her father as he made out with Paige, and in response, the snobbish teenager demanded that he get her a Benz for her birthday in exchange for her silence. Autumn was briefly suspected of killing Edward, but it was ultimately revealed that Debra killed her husband with her hair extension due to her anger at him for spoiling their daughter; she also believed that the Benz was the latest example of her always getting what she wanted.

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