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Cover art for "The Kid Behind The Door"

Aunt Rhonda (Quinn Cassavale) was the villainess of "The Kid Behind The Door", an audiobook from the R.L. Stine series Rainy Night Theater. She was a scientist specializing in mind reality research, and was developing a device that would allow people with strong imaginations to create things simply by thinking about them. Sisters Sam and Monica were sent to Rhonda by their parents, and she claimed to the girls that she was their aunt. They told them that they were free to explore her large mansion--but that they couldn't go into "Dougie's" room, saying that he needed his privacy. But while she was at work, the girls went into the room, where they found Dougie, who turned out to be a monster who ate Rhonda's dog Potzy.

When Rhonda ran into Sam and Monica as Dougie began chasing them with the intent on eating them as well, she reacted very calmly and took the girls to her office. She revealed to Sam and Monica that she was not their aunt, and that they were was no Dougie: During the previous night, Rhonda had installed her device onto each of the girls' heads, and simply told them there was a boy within the forbidden room to engage their imaginations so they would create Dougie themselves. She made her villainous reveal when she told the girls that they could never return home, as she had to further experiment on them to improve her research. But just as she began to make plans to perform surgery on the girls, Sam briefly played along with Rhonda's claims that they were "lucky" before using her newly granted ability to recreate the monstrous Dougie, allowing him to devour the evil scientist as she and Monica escaped.


  • Quinn Cassavale also voiced the evil Lucy Meckler from the Rainy Night Theater audiobook "The Head Start".
  • "The Kid Behind The Door" and other entries in the Rainy Night Theater series can be listened to here