Athena The Hunt 00

The evil Athena Stone

Athena Stone (Hilary Swank) is the main villainess from the 2020 movie The Hunt.

She is the leader of a group of elites who kidnap people and hunt them for sport.

Athena and several of her friends, including Liberty, were wrongly mistaken by the public as people who hunted other people for sport. This occured when a joke in their group chat got leaked. As a result of the conspiracy theory about them hunting people, Athena lost her job.

Furious, she and her friends decided to take revenge on the twelve people they deemed responsible. Athena was especially angry at Crystal for having spread the rumors online. After training in hunting and combat for a year, they kidnapped their victims and brought them to a hunting ground in Croatia, with the intent to hunt and kill them in the exact same fashion as the rumours said they did. During the flight one of the victims woke up from being tranquilised too early and caused a scene, so Athena killed him by stabbing him with her high heeled shoe in the eye.

The remaining victims woke up on the hunting ground and were given a fighting chance as weapons were planted nearby for them. Athena and her friends started to methodically hunt and kill down the victims. Despite their careful preparation, one of their victims, Crystal, began to fight back and killed all of the other hunters.

Athena taunted Crystal over the radio and lured her to her mansion. As Crystal approached the house, Athena made her surrender all of her weapons by threatening Crystal with a bomb under the mailbox. Crystal then met her face to face in the kitchen and Athena gave a long lecture about how her life was ruined by the rumours. However Crystal replied that she had the wrong Crystal and that she had nothing to do with those rumours. Athena didn't believe her and the two women started intense hand to hand combat. The fight moving through the house and the two women attacked each other with a variety of improvised weaponry. Athena managed to gain the upper hand on Crystal and stabbed her and began to brutally knee her in the stomach. Crystal however was able to fight back and stab Athena with the object she had been stabbed with. Both women collpased and seemed to be dying. Athena asked if it was really true that Crystal was not the one she had been looking for. As Crystal confirmed this Athena said 'whoops' and then passed out.

Personality Edit

As part of the wealthy elite, Athena did not have a high opinion on so called "Deplorables" and was furious that rumours got her fired. With her intense training and motivation, Athena was by far the most dangerous and committed of the hunters. It was later revealed that she had mistaken Crystal and her desire for vengeance was misplaced, showing that her urge to get to conclusions and wanting to get even had resulted in a lapse of judgement.

Abilities Edit

Athena was shown to be a highly skilled hunter and a devastating combatant. Keeping herself in peak shape and trained in a variety of martial arts, she was able to defeat Crystal, who was a highly decorated soldier that had served tours in Afghanistan. Athena was shown to have trained in various forms of martial arts and fitness exercises to keep her body and mind in peak shape. She also was able to adapt instantly during the fight and showed great situational awareness as she used a variety of improvised weaponry during the fight.

Notes Edit

  • In each location Athena was in during the movie there was a punching bag and weights present at some point in the background. This might be a tribute to Hillary Swank's role in Million Dollar Baby, where she plays a boxer.
  • She was shown practicing karate kata during her training, which might be a tribute to her role in The Next Karate Kid.
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