The 4 Assassins are evil babes from the 2nd season of the anime City Hunter. They appear in episode 58 and 59 Ryo's Sparta training! The bratty Prince's growing harem part 1 & part 2 from 1989.

In thess episodes, Ryo Saeba is hired to protect a young king named Nalio from four sexy assassins.

In part 1, two of the assassins try disctract Ryo on the higway by pretending to have a damaged car. Meanwhile the third arrives with a machine gun and perforates the car with Ryo in it. Later the forth assassin dressed as nurse tries to kill Nalio and the others in a hospital with a grenade. Both attempts fail but Ryo now know that there are professionel assassins after Nalio and leaves the city with him.

In part 2, Ryo takes the boy into the woods and trains him there. When the 4 babes arrive, they shoot the cabin with machine guns and perforates it. After they shoot all the ammonition into the cabin, they throw away the machine guns and enter the cabin with their guns. When they want to see the outcome of their attack, they discover that Ryo and the boy escaped through a tunnel. The babes follow them through the tunnel and split up to search them in the woods. Now Ryo starts the payback time by defeating each assassin individually on a sexist and humiliating way.

(Note: I had the japanese version with english subtitles. The dialogs could be different in an english dub version)

Demise Assassin #1 Edit

Assassin 1

The first assassin has dark green hair with a bandana. Ryo sneaks on her from behind and grabs her tits. He calls "Mokkori breasts" and she starts screaming. Ryo runs away and she shoots at him crying "Jerk". She misses and follows him into the bushes. There Nalio waits with a knife and cuts down a rope which brings a net up in which the assassin gets trapped. She hangs twitchy in the air and cries "Oh no! Help me! Let me down". Ryo and Nalio compliment each other by saying "We did it"

Demise Assassin #2 Edit

Assassin 2-0

The second assassin has long blonde hair. Ryu sneaks on her from behind, touches her ass and rubs his head on it. While doing that he calls "Mokkori butt". The blond gets a shocked face, drops her gun and runs away crying "Pervert". She steps on a trap and falls into a hole in the ground. When she hits the ground she moans "Ouch". She lays trapped in the hole crying "I can't stand it", while Ryo and Nalio watch her from above saying "Right, two down!"

Demise Assassin #3 Edit

Assassin 3

The third assassin has a dark skin and brown hair. She walks around when suddenly bugs fall on her clothes. She cries "I hate caterpillars! Oh no, help me. Somebody, get them off me!". Ryo comes from behind and says "Not good! Take your clothes off". He stripped off her jacket under which she only wears a with bra (a nice contrast to her brown skin). When she realises that she got exposed, she tries to cover her breast and calls astonished "What? Who?". Suddenly a lasso rope comes from above and falls around her. The part under and above her breasts get bound and Nalio who has the other end of the rope pulls her away. Ryo says "See you later, mokkori bra cutie!" and Nalio bounds her onto the tree. Covered in rope, her bra still flashes out. She wriggels around and cries "Oh no! What are you doing?!". Nalio celebrates "Three down!"

Demise Assassin #4Edit

Assassin 4

The last assassin has dark blue hair with 2 pigtails .She finds Nalio sitting on a stone and asks him "Oh what a good boy! You already gave up on running away from us?". Nalio replies "What color are your panties, lady?" She gets angry and yells at him "You have to get punishes if you make fun of adults". Ryo calls from behind "It's pink with print on the back." She gets surprised and turnes around. Ryo says "I got you, didn't I?". She points her gun at him and says "Jerk". Nalio throws his knife at her and hits her belt which stripped down her pants. She sais "What the hell?!" and tries to catch her falling pants but loses her gun. Ryo throws a lasso rope at her and she gets up in the air. Her ass protrudes wiggling in the air showing a pink pantie with a white dog printed on it. She cries in agony "What are you doing?! Please put me down! Oh no, I'm so embarressed! Please forgive me!". Meanwhile Ryo and Nalio make fun of her "Told you they were pink with a print on the back, right" - "It really is! Incredible". 

Ryo and Nalio walk away from the girls, letting them humiliated in their pain. Nalio asks Ryo "Have you done that before?" and Ryo replies "No, even I haven't gone quite that far. Ryo and Nalio then confront the person who hired the assassins, Nalios uncle. The police arrests the uncle but the babes were not mentioned anymore. Let's hope the police does not forget them in the woods.

What a pity there are no similar scenes like this in the whole series.

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