To Gwai Fa - The assassin looks innocent and feminine as she leaves the airport

To Gwai Fa (a Taiwanese bodybuilder and martial artist) plays a deadly assassin in the 1991 movie The Plot.

She is brought in by a gang to kill the powerful fighter of another gang. She is a stone cold killer and she's muscular, proficient in martial arts, strong enough to kill quickly, and completely confident in her abilities.

She finds her target in an apartment and they have a brief battle before he manages to escape. At the end of the film, she arrives with a group of men at the place where the hero is living, guarded by other gang members. She sends her men to take care of the men of the other gang and sets off alone to find and kill the hero. She efficiently disposes of two guards and the encounters the hero's girlfriend. She kills her with cold effortless cruelty.

The hero arrives and she attacks him by surprise. He is strong and his gang's deadliest fighter, but she is tough and quick and she kicks him around, keeping him on the defensive. He fights back, but she is quick enough to block and duck his attacks, but she can't quite finish him. Eventually he catches her under the chin with a kick and she flies over backwards. She's vulnerable after all. She defends herself on the ground and quickly regains her feet and returns to the offensive. In this furious exchange, however, she's lost a tiny fraction of her edge and neither combatant can connect a solid blow. Suddenly, they simultaneously boot each other in the chest and they separate.

The killer is surprised and angry that the hero is still standing. She removes her jacket, massages her painfully bruised breast, determined to make him pay. They again reengage in a brutal battle, but the assassin is slowing and weakening faster than her intended victim as she continues to absorb more damage. She uses all of her speed strength and cunning, but her victim is still winning. In desperation, she grabs a pick axe and swings wildly at him. He ducks, the axe goes into the wall and he punches her repeatedly in the gut and then does a number of moves so quickly that she has no time to react. He spins her and leaves her standing in disbelief and then kicks her into the wall where she is impaled on a spike.

Images[edit | edit source]

Arriving at the site of the final battle with underlings

Her deadly kicks take care of 2 guards

She coldly and easily kills the hero's girlfriend

Caught the hero by surprise

Kick him while he's down

Powerful kick knocked him sideways

Calculating how to finish him

Pathetic! I'm way to fast for you!

Bam! Where did that kick come from?

Back at him full power, but blocked

Blocked again, but he can't touch me either

Simultaneous boots to the chest

Her chest is muscular, but that breast really hurts. He's going to pay dearly for that

This isn't going according to script

Back at him, but blocked and gut punched

Guard up warily - I'll outsmart him

Grabbing a pickax in desperation

He ducks several wild swings

She buries the ax in the wall and he again pounds her abs

Too slow and weak to defend herself

How can this happen? I'm invincible


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