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"Please look up Mrs Hurst, I'd love to see your face as I kill you!"

The Assassin (played by Brana Bajic) is a hitwoman in a vinyl catsuit. She is an antagonist in the "The Glorious Butranekh", an episode of the series Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased). She is cruel, sadistic and arrogant - smugly telling her targets that she will kill them. A skilled fighter and her father was also an assassin. She desires to outdo his kill count. In the end, she puts down her gun to fight another woman. The other woman attacks and she arrogantly puts one hand on her hip and swats away the attackers blows with the other. She glories in showing her total physical superiority over her opponent. Finally she's done having fun and picks up a gun and taunts her victim. She is so wrapped up in her own display that she has been ignoring the other woman in the room. This catsuit clad assassin is ultimately taken down with a humiliating shot to the butt. She cries out in pain before sighing in resignation, her hand holding down her sore bottom.


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