Villainous reality star Ashley Robinson

Ashley Robinson (Heather Ann Davis) is the main villainess from "Reality Star Struck," episode 5.14 of Castle (airdate February 11, 2013). She is the daughter of Colette Robinson, and she participates on her mother's reality program, The Wives of Wall Street. Ashley was also engaged to Stone Gower, the son of Wives cast member Margo Gower, who arranged the relationship.

Ashley and Stone's relationship was supposed to lead to a spinoff series, but there was a problem: Stone developed feelings for Wives cast member Hannah Green. Ashley had suspected something going on between Stone and Hannah, but when she saw a photo of them together, she went into a rage. Ashley followed Stone and Hannah to an alley, and after Stone left, the villainess went after Hannah with a knife and stabbed her to death.

Ashley was brought in by Castle and Beckett, who had evidence proving that she murdered Hannah. She denied killing Hannah at first and attempted to leave, but after her inability to find her keys flustered her, the evil Ashley finally confessed to the murder, stating that she saw them kissing and heard Stone tell Hannah that he loved her. Regarding the murder, Ashley stated that she "put an end to the threat," and was eventually arrested.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "I had my suspicions. And when I saw that picture I grabbed the knife, just to scare her. But when I got there Stone was kissing her. And saying he loved her. I couldn’t just let her steal my fiancé. Our spinoff was in final negotiations, for God’s sakes. So when Stone left, I followed Hannah...and put an end to the threat." (Ashley Robinson admitting to killing Hannah Green)
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