Ashley Clark

Villainous blackmailer Ashley Clark

Ashley Clark (Maria Leicy) was a villainess from "The Salt in the Wounds," episode 4.17 of Bones (airdate March 19, 2009). She was the episode's murder victim, with her remains discovered in the back of a salt truck.

During the investigation, it was revealed that Ashley was a member of her high school's volleyball team, and had also participated in a pregnancy pact with her teammates/friends, becoming one of four girls impregnated by fellow student Clinton Gilmour. The plan was to have their babies and move into a house together, with each of the girls each paying $5000 to fund their plan. It was also uncovered that Ashley resorted to villainous methods to gain the money, beginning with forging her mother, Ellen Clark's, signature on one of her checks, only for Ellen to stop her.

Afterwards, Ashley decided to use blackmail and seduction, with her first victim being her volleyball coach, Adam Hawthorne. Though she failed to seduce Hawthorne, the greedy villainess threatened to out Hawthorne as the father of her baby if he didn't pay. After the plan with Hawthorne fell through, the evil Ashley set her sights on chiropractor Sean Fitts, successfully seducing him and threatening to report him for statutory rape if she didn't receive a $5000 payment from him. In response, Fitts killed Ashley by striking her vagus nerve with an activator.

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