Ash Rapid Reload Gunners Heaven 00

The evil Ash

Ash (アッシュ) is a villainess from the 1995 Sony Playstation video game Rapid Reload aka Gunners Heaven (ガンナーズヘヴン).

She is one of three captains working for the evil Pumpkin Heads terrorist organisation. The villains want to use the treasure of the Valkiry, a legendary stone, for world domination. Ash is a young blonde woman who dresses in a leotard, a white and red jacket, and knee length red boots.

The evil woman appears as a boss fight in the game, and tries to kill the two child heroes by attacking them with a giant robot. Her only line of dialogue, before facing her, is "If I can't beat a kid like this, us Pumpkin Heads will be in disgrace!"

Ash never appears again after being defeated. It can be presumed she died when her giant robot exploded, but since other bosses make later appearances after suffering a similar fate, then it can't be confirmed.


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