Arlette Noel 01 - A Porte Chiuse
Arlette Nöel
is a secondary antagonist in "L'impostore", the second story in the 1981 erotic Italian comic "A Porte Chiuse n.19".

The story opens with a man named German getting gunned down at a party by an unknown assailant. At the funeral, his widow Jacqueline pleads for help in finding his murderer. German's friend, Rene Joly, who has always been attracted to Jacqueline, offers to investigate. One day, however, a gunshot is heard inside of the widow's estate, and when the authorities rush in to check it out, they find Jacqueline holding a pistol and standing over Rene's corpse. While being interrogated, the woman says that she shot the man in self defense because he had attempted to rape her.

Enter Arlette Nöel, the fiance of Rene, who tells the police that she's known Jacqueline since they were children and that the woman couldn't even shoot a mouse. She adds that someone else must have shot Rene and that Jacqueline is trying to cover for this person. Arlette offers to investigate on her own and returns to the police with the rumor that a large sum of money was recently placed into Jacqueline's bank account. The authorities manage to retrieve a bank statement and discover that this was in fact true.

Confronted again, the widow confesses that it was in fact two thugs who broke in and shot Rene for nosing around, and that they threatened her life if she didn't take the blame for the killing. However, believing that Arlette's theory adds up after a confused Jacqueline states that doesn't know how the money got in her account, the judge sentences the accused woman to twenty years in prison.

The story ends with Arlette on a cruise ship with the president of the bank who secretly runs the drug trade in the city and who was being blackmailed by German because of it. As it turns out, Arlette was in cahoots with the man as it was her idea to have the money placed into the account in order to frame Jacqueline. Nevertheless, after Arlette assures the man that she is the only one who knows of their wicked scheme, the bank president ensures that things stay that way by pushing the woman over the edge of the ship to her death.

Arlette Noel 02 - A Porte Chiuse

Arlette's motive for helping the bank president is never given in the story, but as she is shown in much more extravagant clothing once she is on the cruise, it is likely that the man had promised her a large sum of money for her service.

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