Ariel was in the episode "W.O.W.", Ariel was the leader of the Sisterhood, a guild of warrior women that sought to eliminate all men and inferior females (women who were not the "chosen ones"). Her front organization was WOW (Women Of Wrestling). The stone that was the source of the Sisterhood's power had to be used when the first full moon of fall appeared.
Ariel escaped, but the destruction of the stone was a severe loss to her power.
Ariel did not seem to acknowledge that without men there would be no more descendants because of the fact the "chosen women's" family line would be dead. This reveals Ariel's personality trait of being blinded (or deluded) by her own desires, and potentially a lack of empathy for her own "chosen ones".
Ariel vowed she would return, and "the Sisterhood shall reign supreme". However, she was never seen again.


Ariel's physical characteristics and Sam's W.O.W. clothing were modeled on Lucy Lawless's role as Xena. Other inspirations include Wonder Woman and the various other "Amazon" characters.
Ariel's hairstyle resembles Storm from the X-Men film series where she portrayed by Halle Berry.
She is currently the only villain that WOOHP has not captured.
She was used as a background character in "Evil Jerry".
Ariel and the Black Knight are currently the only sexist villains seen in the series.
She shares several similarities to Man Hands.

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