Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande as a vengeful villainess

Ariana Grande is a pop singer who appears as one of the main protagonists and villainess of the music video for MIKA's Popular Song (release date April 29, 2013). The video had Ariana (the featured artist on the song) and MIKA playing high school students, who were colluding together to take revenge on their bullying classmates.

Throughout the video, the conspirators were shown making a sort of concoction to serve to their "guests". After finishing, Ariana and MIKA invited their targeted classmates to MIKA's house, where the two served their guests poisoned wine that turned them into stone. After the two male guests turned to stone, Ariana joined MIKA in smashing them to bits, striking one of the boys with a silver tray.

After all of their guests were obliterated, Ariana and MIKA came together for a toast. But as MIKA took a drink, Ariana stopped and glared at her conspirator, causing him to realize that she had poisoned their wine as well. In regards to a motive for her betrayal, a flashback showed the two as children, with MIKA kicking down the blocks Ariana was playing with. The video ended with MIKA turning to stone and Ariana giving a pleased glance at the camera.

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MIKA - Popular Song ft

MIKA - Popular Song ft. Ariana Grande

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