Arena AnnouncerPhoenixTheWarrior-01

The sadistic Arena Announcer

The Arena Announcer (Cathy Armstrong) is a minor villainess from the 1988 movie Phoenix The Warrior aka She-Wolves Of The Wasteland.

She is a minion of one of the main villainesses, Cobalt, and serves as the announcer for the Gladiator Arena where fights to the death take place for the amusement of Cobalt and others.

When she isn't announcing the next contest or the winner of the fight, she is seen to be taking a lot of sadistic pleasure in watching the women fight and kill each other. She is very enthusiastic about the fighting and gets very excited by watching people die (such as Mohawk).

She ends up being killed by the heroine Phoenix, who throws a spear right through her body, causing the evil announcer to experience the same horrible agony that she had been enjoying watching.


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