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Aracne (Pamela Prati) is the evil Spider Queen in the 1985 film The Adventures of Hercules II.

Aracne lives in her cave like dwelling, with several minions around a cauldron. Aracne is wearing a leather corset like outfit outlined in metal rivets. She has a sword in a sheath, attached to a sling that hangs over one shoulder. She wears a gold crown, and has an orange cape.

Aracne entertains Hercules (Lou Ferrigno) in her cave dwelling. However, she quickly turns into a threat and attempts to kill Hercules with her sword, and so Hercules overpowers and strangles her. She turns green and begins to glow, turns into a cocoon like shriveled up blob, and dies. It is revealed that her body contained the the fifth thunderbolt, which Hercules takes.


  • Pamela Prati appeared as the sensuous Carmen in the 1984 French erotic drama "Carmen nue".
  • Pamela Prati appeared as a female succubus in the 1988 horror film, Transformations.


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