April McKenna

Psychotic kidnapper April McKenna

April McKenna (Brett Helsham) is a child-abusing kidnapper, Ephebophile and murderer in the 2011 film  The Abduction of Zack Butterfield. April is a gorgeous, but twisted former special forces soldier who is strong, proficient in hand-to-hand combat, and an explosives expert. She doesn't like men, but she wants one, so she decides to kidnap a promising boy and mold him into the perfect lover and partner. She stalks and captures at gunpoint Zack Butterfield, aged 14. Zack is a handsome star athlete on the soccer team who also devastates opponents at his karate school.

April imprisons Zack with an allegedly explosive necklace that will allegedly blow his head off if he breaks it, if he crosses an electronic signal outside, or if April presses a button on the remote control she wears as a pendant around her neck.  His bedroom door can be opened from the inside only by April’s thumb print.  She uses a combination of affection, and domination, backed up by physical force, to try to tame him, make him her partner, and make him love her. He just wants to escape and get back to his family and his girlfriend.

They are the same height, but her physique is better. She's no bodybuilder, but you can see that even her upper body muscle mass is greater than his. One day she comes on to him, dressed like a sexy, naughty catholic schoolgirl, but pushes her away and she leaves, feelings hurt.  Another day, she’s still peeved.  She makes him put on a tight shirt and pants so he can’t sneak anything into his room, and then she makes him clean his bathroom with a toothbrush.  When he finishes, she comes on to him again, and he rejects her.  This time she’s angry.  She screams at him to go to his room and then swings a slap at him.  The karate champ isn’t having it and he easily bats her hand away.  She smiles and decides to teach him a lesson.  She swings a few blows at him, which he easily blocks.  He’s deadly serious and fighting to beat her.  She’s having fun teaching him who is boss.  She playfully kicks him into the bookcase and he rebounds, deadly serious, with a flying kick to the head.  She easily blocks that and his next kick, and he instantly throws a punch at her face.  She catches his arm, spins him around and forces him to the ground, helpless.  Then she forces him to stand and marches him to his room.  End of lesson.  The next morning she comes to his room, hoping she hadn’t hurt him too badly.

Zack is a smart kid and realizes that the only way to survive and get away is to give her what she wants, bide his time, and somehow catch her off guard.  He becomes friendly and curious about her life, he plays music with her, dances with her, kisses her, has sex with her.  He listens carefully and realizes how crazy she is.hwever despite this hes still sympathectic with her when she mentions loosing her parents.Although still the dominant one, sometimes April becomes soft, smitten, and kittenish and lets him take the lead. She thinks her plan is working.  But Zack also watches, waits and works out.  April sees him doing sit-ups and push-ups and seems to think it’s cute.  One day, April fixes some plumbing with a big pipe wrench and happily hefts it in front of Zack, telling him that the wrench is her "upper body force multiplier."  This lesson is not lost on Zack, who realizes that he won't be able to beat her by just working out and that he, too, needs an upper body force multiplier if he is to overwhelm her and get away.

Soon after that day, a stranger arrives at the door and sees Zack inside.  He makes the mistake of asking about Zack.  As he walks away across the yard, April throws him down, punches him a couple of times as he tries to rise and then straddles him and coldly breaks his neck.  Zack sees this and realizes again just how dangerous the unstable April is. She comes back into the house, angry at Zack, and puts him in his room.  She accidentally kicks some clothing on the floor into the doorway as she rushes out and the door doesn't latch when she closes it.  While she is off disposing of the body, Zack gets the pipe wrench and hides it in his dresser.

In the middle of the night April grabs her shotgun and rousts Zack out of bed.  She sits him down, tells of all of the hundreds of ways she can kill a man and then tells him that if he wants to live, he has to keep her happy.  Later she comes to his room to make up.  Zack pledges his affection and she goes all soft.  He says he has a surprise for her and grabs an Indian outfit, along with the wrench, from his dresser and goes to his bathroom.  Gleefully, April changes into her sexy cowgirl outfit.  She sits on his bed anticipating a sex game while he puts on war paint and steels his courage.  He comes out and launches a surprise attack with the pipe wrench. The blow on the side of the head knocks April down and he removes her necklace with the pendant that controls his explosive necklace. Thinking she is unconscious, he starts to leave. She leaps up grabs his shoulder, knocks the wrench out of his hand and heaves him through the air back onto the bed.  She seems stunned and confused and asks why he did that.  He kicks her in the face, knocking her down. He kicks her stomach while she's down, and she grabs his leg and uses brute force to topple him as she sits up. They rise to their feet and he kicks again, but she easily catches his leg, lifts him, and heaves him onto the bed again.

April still doesn’t understand what is happening, but she is still the dominant one, confident of her own strength and skill. She’s fighting only to put Zack firmly back in his place without damaging him. Zack, on the other hand, is fighting for his life with everything he has. As he lands on the bed, he kicks her in the side of the head, knocking her down on her back on the floor once more. Immediately he pounces on her and starts throwing punches at her face, which she easily swats away. She grabs an arm as he tries to punch her and maneuvers him into an arm bar. Trying to control, but not injure him, she just holds him in a loose arm bar, expecting him to give in. She doesn't notice that he has reached the wrench with his free hand. He brings the handle down hard on her exposed belly, causing her to release her grip, curl up and roll to the side in pain. He reaches high and brings the wrench down hard on her head, probably cracking her skull. Even in this state, she catches his next blow. There is a test of strength as they try to control each other's arms. Suddenly she reaches up, rips his explosive necklace off, and goes limp. He's shocked at this and the fight ends. She says she would never hurt him and then succumbs to her injury. He is rescued after 103 days.

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