In the Fireball XL5 episode, 'Prisoner on a Lost Planet,' (1963), Steve Zodiac encountered a mysterious and seductive woman on a desolate planet. Aphros (voiced by Sylvia Anderson) was the exiled queen of the Space Amazons. She wanted Steve Zodiac to take her to Earth, but when he refused, she drugs him and sets off a nearby volcano.


She is ruthless and seductive, but also seems somewhat deranged. When she unleashes destruction from the volcano, she cackles madly.


Though beautiful, she has an oddly long neck, which is decorated with metal hoops. She wears a shiny silky outfit and sandals.



Aphros is taken unconscious aboard Fireball XL5. At the end of the episode, we are told she is 'safely tucked away in the space jail' on board the ship. It is not clear whether she is taken back to the Space Amazons, or to Earth to face trial and imprisonment.

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