Aoi is second generation Neogene and a Cloneblade in the animation Witchblade.


She is one of the Neogenes, made to emulate the Witchblade effects, and to be compatible for a Cloneblade. Aoi is the first sparring partner that Maria does not seriously injure. They become good friends to the point of Aoi becoming her assistant and best friend later on, when she too is equipped with a Dual Cloneblade.


Aoi is fanatically loyal to Maria, to the point of attacking Masane in a blind rage, for injuring Maria, later in the series. This proves to be fatal, as she is impaled and killed by Masane. Her last words were for Maria to continue her quest to obtain the Witchblade. It is also worth noting that Aoi is the only person Maria seems to care about, being her only friend, to the point of crying over her death. Another noteworthy aspect about Aoi's personality is that Shiori was brutally loyal to Reina so its possible that Aoi could have some of Shiori's genes

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