Anya Ivanova

The evil Anya Ivanova

Anya Ivanova is a recurring character and hidden villainess from Criminal Case: Save the World, the 3rd season of the crime solving game Criminal Case. She appeared in three murder investigations before being revealed as a villainess in case #54, "Operation Spyfall" (release date October 20, 2016).

Anya was a former spy for MGB (a Russian spy agency) before leaving the organization to start her own security agency, finding work with Russian space agency COSMORUS after their director Natasha Romanova was outed as a SOMBRA agent. During "Operation Spyfall", Anya was questioned by the player and Carmen Martinez regarding the murder of spy Jean Connerie and the attempted murder of Mossad agent Asal Hawaa, the two agents having been attacked while investigating the Bureau's crashed satellite to locate a drive containing information on terrorist organization SOMBRA.

C-4 explosives were used by Jean and Asal's assailant to steal the drive, and Anya was considered a suspect when C-4 was found with her fingerprints on it. When confronted, however, Anya claimed that she carried the C-4 for protection following her time in MGB and that it had been recently stolen from her. Ultimately, though, Anya's claims were revealed as lies, as the evidence proved that she had in fact killed Jean and attempted to kill Asal as they arrived at the satellite, later stealing the drive containing SOMBRA information. While Carmen initially believed that Anya killed Jean by orders of COSMORUS, the evil Anya revealed the truth: she was working for SOMBRA, who she believed valued her talents more than MGB and COSMORUS. Anya also refused to give over the drive as Carmen placed her under arrest, and the villainess argued to judge Nigel Adaku that she "did what she had to do". Adaku ultimately sentenced Anya to life imprisonment, with Anya proclaiming that SOMBRA was more powerful than any secret service and that she was proud to serve them.


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