Annie Social

The evil Annie Social

Annie Social is a professional wrestler currently competing in the Women Superstars Uncensored promotion, where she portrays a villainess.

Annie debuted for WSU in 2007, and was one half of WSU's first ever Tag Team Champions with Roxie Cotton. She added two more tag title reigns with Kimber Lee, winning the titles in 2014 and regaining them in the following year. Annie's longtime partnership with Kimber ended due to Kimber being signed by WWE, and at the 9th Anniversary Show in February 2016, Annie lost the tag titles to The Fella Twins, with Gabby Gilbert as Annie's partner. After losing the tag titles, Annie lost singles matches to Mia Yim and Jordynne Grace at Unshakable and Resurgence 2, respectively.

Annie's villainous turn began in a YouTube promo for the upcoming Breaking Barriers 4 event, when she vented over her recent string of losses and accused Kimber Lee of abandoning her. She also stated that she had a rematch for the tag titles, and it was at that moment that Missy Sampson was recruited as Annie's partner. At the event on November 19, Annie and Missy failed to capture the tag titles from The Fella Twins, and later on, Annie and Missy entered the ring to save Leva Bates from Chrissy Rivera's group, The Reckoning--after they helped Su Yung defeat Leva to capture the Spirit Championship. At that moment, however, the evil Annie attacked Missy and aligned herself with Chrissy, cementing Annie as a villainess.

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