Villainous conspirator Annie

Annie (Zoe Heath) is the villainess of "Silent Night", episode 1.08 of Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye (airdate December 15, 2002). She was the girlfriend of Mitch Harris, a valet for the restaurant La Maison and the mastermind behind a pair of bank robberies occurring during the episode's events.

Annie was revealed to be a conspirator in her boyfriend's crime spree, buying him the Santa outfit he wore during the robberies from a costume store using a credit card he stole from La Maison customer Carolyn McCartney. It was also found by the FBI team that Annie was present at both of the robberies Mitch committed, with the costume store owner identifying her as the woman who used Carolyn's credit card to buy a Santa suit.

After discovering her identity from the owner of La Maison, SOG agents were stationed at Annie's house until she returned, at which point the villainess was placed under arrest after a search warrant for her home was obtained. While Annie remained uncooperative, only admitting to the credit card theft and even denying having a boyfriend, the agents were ultimately able to find where Annie hid her and Mitch's ill-gotten money: wrapped inside the presents under her Christmas tree. The discovery led to Mitch and his other cohorts being captured and apprehended, presumably having been given up by Annie due to her role in the bank robberies being exposed.

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