Scorned villainess Annie

Annie (Anita Kalathara) is the villainess of "Feed", the first episode of the AwesomenessTV horror anthology series Sleep Tight (release date October 4, 2016). The episode opened with Annie walking down a dark alley to a door marked "1114", placing a slip of paper with the name Aidan Maddox written on it, with flashbacks revealing Aidan as Annie's boyfriend.

After receiving a text from Aidan saying that he loved her and was sorry, Annie picked up the paper and prepared to leave, but stopped when Aidan sent another text message, berating her for not accepting his apology. Another flashback then revealed that Annie had recently discovered that Aidan was cheating on her. Her anger refueled, Annie went back to the door and left the paper with Aidan's name on the ground, pricking her finger with a pin and leaving a drop of blood on it. A grotesque hand then reached out to take the paper, with Annie rushing away as it did.

As a result of Annie giving Aidan's name to the creature, Aidan was lured to the same alleyway by the monster, who posed as an attractive girl named Rebecca Dawson and friended Aidan on Facebook. As the creature pursued Aidan into the building, he desperately called Annie and begged for her help, only to realize Annie's villainous collusion with the monster. Annie proceeded to lambaste Aidan for having cheated on her, while also stating that she'd hoped he wouldn't fall for the monster's deception and prove her wrong about him. Desperate to appease Annie, Aidan apologized to Annie when she said that was what she wanted from him, only for the scorned villainess to bitterly argue that Aidan was only sorry he was caught and was going to die. Annie then hung up the phone on Aidan, leaving him to be murdered by the ravenous creature.


  • Annie is Sleep Tight's first villainess.


  • (Aidan: "Tell me what you want and I'll do it.") I want you to feel what I feel. I want two years of my life back. I want to be over you, but I'll settle for an apology. (Aidan: "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, Annie. Please!") You're sorry you got caught! You're sorry you're going to die tonight!" (Annie's embittered rant towards Aidan)


FEED Sleep Tight Ep 1 w Beau Brooks

FEED Sleep Tight Ep 1 w Beau Brooks

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