Cop Game (1988)

Candice Daly as Annie

In the final days of the Vietnam War, someone is killing the officers of the elite Cobra Force. Two undercover M.P.s (Brent Huff and his Filipino sidekick Max Laurel) are assigned to the case. The trail leads from the vice and dope-infested streets of Saigon to the war zone.

Annie (Candice Daly) is a hooker who becomes involved with undercover Sgt. Morgan (Huff). It is finally revealed that she is a communist spy/assassin whose activities (she murders a U.S. commanding officer in his office) support a Viet Cong attack on the South Vietnamese capital.

Morgan's partner is killed and Morgan himself is about to be murdered by the boastful Annie who holds a .45 to his temple. But before she can fire, another shot rings out, hitting her in the back. Annie slowly turns around looking to see who her assailant is. It is Morgan's partner's Vietnamese wife, holding her dead husband's .45, who then puts another round in the front of the disbelieving Annie, who drops to the ground, dead.

Directed by Bruno Mattei.

Cop Game trailer:

Unmasked as a spy, Annie is about to kill Morgan with a gun held to his head.

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