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Annette Westman (Elizabeth Anne Smith) was the main villainess in the 1996 episode "It's a Small World After All" for the TV series "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman".

Annette was a bitter woman who wanted revenge on everyone who mistreated her in high school.

In the episode, Lois attends her high school reunion and Clark accompanies her as her fiance. She runs into Annette who she learns has started her own successful cosmetic company. There she learns that two of her former classmates' spouses have disappeared and she decides to investigate those disappearances to find out what happened.

While investigating, something strange starts happening to Clark, as he is slowly shrinking. It's later revealed that Annette had created a shampoo with a secret formula that causes people and things to shrink into miniatures. She says that she wants to comfort the spouses, but in reality wants to see their pain.

When Lois confronts Annette, she attempts to kill her with a pistol. However, a shrunken Superman is in her pocket, and when she gets shot, the bullet is stopped by Superman.

Superman then jumps out of the pocket and pushes a coach against Annette. Annette gets slammed against the wall and the shampoo formula gets dumped over her head. The formula is so strong that it causes Annette to shrink away to nothing.

Dr. Klein then finds the antidote and everyone she had imprisoned in a doll house was restored into their original size. Unfortunately for Annette, there was nothing left to restore.

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