Anne Rojas

Evil assassin Anne Rojas

Anne Rojas (Victoria Cartagena) is a villainess from "Loading Up," episode 1.11 of Deception (airdate May 20, 2018). She was an employee at the Nimitz building, though it was quickly revealed as a front for her true profession as an assassin.

Anne's group was killed off in a mission in Venezuela known as "Redbird," with CIA Agent Isaac Walker (Kay Daniels' ex-fiancee) leading the mission. In the time that passed, Anne plotted revenge on Walker and his group, spending eight months creating a handmade gun to use in her quest. The beginning of the episode showed Anne entering Nimitz, only to later pull out her weapon and shoot her supervisor, James Collins (non-fatally), before stealing what was later revealed as a list of the names of the agents on Walker's crew.

Walker was on the case, along with Kay and Cameron Black, and it was Cameron switching Anne's gun with a deck of cards that led to her capture. During interrogation, Anne only stated that she was after Redbird, and it was after this that the villainess subdued a guard before coughing up the flash drive that had the list. Following her eventual escape, the evil Anne shot and killed an agent and switched jackets with her, and she later killed a CIA member who was on the list. She was set to target another agent on the list and fired her sniper rifle at her intended victim before escaping, all the while unaware that Cameron posed as Anne's target and placed himself behind bulletproof glass, while also feigning being shot.

In a twist, it was revealed that not only were Anne and Collins lovers, but that Collins was in on Anne's scheme, as Cameron figured out that Anne intentionally missed her shot at her lover to cover up Collins' role. After Collins was caught and taken down, it can be assumed that Anne was arrested (off-screen) along with her lover.

Trivia Edit

  • Victoria Cartagena also appeared on Unforgettable as villainess Maria Ortiz.


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