Anne-Marie Tolsom

Evil femme fatale Anne-Marie Tolsom

Anne-Marie Tolsom (Dina Meyer) is the hidden main villainess of "The List," episode 11.17 of CSI (airdate March 10, 2011). She is a misandristic LVPD officer who was believed to have been murdered by her controlling husband, fellow police officer Vance Tolsom.

However, it was revealed that Anne-Marie had faked her own murder and disappeared with her illicit lover, Lance Martin (another cop). In fact, Martin was one of Anne-Marie's many lovers, as she was revealed to have had multiple affairs with fellow cops, with Jim Brass and Louis Vartann being among the group. The original plan was to get away from Vance and set him up as appearing to be a murderer, and it was going to result in her and Martin being together, though that changed when Anne-Marie dumped Martin after he stated that he was planning to retire.

Anne-Marie later reached out to her sister, Jody Cambry, which led to Jody (who had long believed that Vance killed her sister) learning that Anne-Marie was still living. Even so, Jody kept her sister's secret and sent half of Anne-Marie's $500,000 insurance policy money to her, doing so under the guise of charitable donations. However, now armed with the knowledge that her sister was alive, Jody visited Vance in prison and was working on planning a new trial for him, while also learning about her sister's numerous affairs and compiling a list of her lovers. This prompted Anne-Marie to return to Vegas and have Vance killed, seducing prison guard Jarrod Malone into putting out a hit on him, resulting in his murder during the opening minutes of the episode. Later on, the evil Anne-Marie shot and killed Jody after ignoring the latter's pleas for mercy and her promise not to leak her villainous sister's secret.

Anne-Marie's only physical appearance came in the last scenes of the episode, where she met with Jarrod regarding their plans. It also served as her villainous reveal, as Jarrod set up the meeting so Brass and the rest of the LVPD could arrest Anne-Marie. The villainess also lied about being unarmed, as a gun was pulled out of her possession, and in response to Brass' statement about Anne-Marie spending the rest of her life in jail, the arrogant vixen commented about seeing how many men would be on the jury.

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