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Annabelle Loren (Carol Ohmart) is the evil wife who attempts to kill her husband in the 1959 horror film, "The House on Haunted Hill".

Annabelle was the fourth wife of millionaire Frederick Loren (Vincent Price). She attempted a number of times to kill Frederick to get his money, but all attempts apparently failed. Finally, she came up with an idea of holding a haunted house party. Frederick rented The House on Haunted Hill for the party, and invited five different people to party with a reward of $50,000 altogether if they could survive the night there.

Annabelle had an affair with Dr. David Trent (Alan Marshal), one of the guests. The two conspired to scare one of the other guests into killing Frederick with illusions and ghosts. On the night of the party, after the five guests arrived at the house, Annabelle refused to join the party, until Frederick forced her to. Shortly before midnight, when the caretakers of the house are to leave and lock the house up until morning, Annabelle came downstairs to the party to give each of the guests a handgun for protection. Meanwhile, Annabelle and Trent placed a fake decapitated head in Nora's (Carolyn Craig) bedroom and then removed them as part of their plot to scare Nora into shooting Loren. A short time later, Annabelle hung herself and pretended to be dead, but secretly survived with a hanging harness.

Lance Schroeder (Richard Long) and Trent place the seemingly dead Annabelle in Frederick's room. There she remains, except for when she is left alone, when she snook out of the room and posed as her own ghost to Nora to further scare her. Eventually, Trent arrives to inform Annabelle that their plan is falling into place. They attempt to meet Frederick down in the house's cellar. However, after Annabelle goes in, the doors lock themselves with her by herself. Frederick's ghost rises up from the cellar's vat of acid. The apparent Spector of Annabelle's late husband attacks and advances on her, making her fall backwards into the vat of acid. In there, the acid apparently kills Annabelle, dissolving her flesh.


  • Carol Ohmart was Miss Utah in 1946.
  • Carol Ohmart appeared as Emily Howe in the 1967 black horror comedy film "Spider Baby".
  • Dr. Trent -who tried to dispose of Loren in the pit-also ends up in the same place with Annabelle. [The person who kills them both is their intended victium Frederick Loren). Note the Skelaton on a string might seem a bit silly-it is alleged however this movie was intended to be seen with 3-D glasses [!]{As was another Vincent Price horror classic "House of Wax"[?]
  • As comic relief the owner of the house Watson [Elisha Cook] remains convinced that the house is haunted and that he will be the next victium-even after Frederick Loren makes his confession!


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