Annabelle (actress unknown) is the main villainess in the 1930s lost movie ‘The Perilous Castle Of Evil’. She is a seductive femme fatale and the poisoner of the sensei.

Annabelle seduces the sensei and poisons him, knocking his daughter unconscious. They get their pupil to defeat Annabelle and therefore the poison will be lifted (the sensei is dying).

The nameless hero travels to her castle, and defeats all manner of her henchmen there. He finally finds her hiding in an old room, where he pounces on her and she disappears in a puff of smoke (it is apparently unclear if this is a cheesy death scene or if she escapes). The poison is (somehow) cured, and the hero returns to the mountains.

Sadly, all footage of this old movie is lost. I have got all my information from an old journal I discovered, which was burned in a fire accident. Reference is made to her beauty, bewitching eyes and long brunette hair. I managed to verify the movie after several months searching, but sadly this movie mystery is unsolved (e.g. who the actress was).

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