Anna Summour

The evil Anna Summour

Anna Summour (Anjelica Huston) is the main villainess from "Just the Fat, Ma'am," episode 4.04 of Angie Tribeca (airdate December 29, 2018). She is the head of Popular, a noted fashion magazine.

Angie Tribeca went undercover as Anna's assistant after one of her models collapsed and died--the fifth to do so. The investigation revealed that the models were younger than their actual ages, and after DNA from Peru was found (despite none of them having been out of the US), Captain Chet Atkins and Detective Angela "AJ" Geils, Jr. went to Peru to find out the truth: which ended up revealing that human fat was sucked out of Peruvian men and used to make a skin cream.

The fat was being smuggled from Peru to the US, and once AJ and Atkins caught the person responsible for transporting the fat, they learned that Anna was the true mastermind. Angie was informed about fat being used in skin creams, prompting Anna to hire Angie as her next model. The episode's climax had Anna serving Angie a dish of stromboli, only for Danny Tanner, Angie's colleague (who was working undercover), to hold Anna at gunpoint and arrest her. Tanner revealed that Anna had been embezzling from the company, and he added an attempted murder charge, as the stromboli was poisoned. Angie learned from Tanner that Anna was trying to silence her, and that led Angie to figure out that she killed the models, as the fat-laced skin cream caused the models to collapse and die. In defense her actions, the evil Anna stated that her models were getting old and that she couldn't have a "24-year-old hag" on the cover of her magazine, right before Tanner took her away.

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