Anna Larson

The evil Anna Larson

Anna Larson (Dale Dickey) is the main villainess from "Out of Focus," episode 2.06 of The Closer (airdate July 17, 2006). She is the ex-wife of paparazzo Anthony Larson, whose deceased body was found outside a high class hotel.

Anna spoke fondly of her former husband during her first encounter with Brenda Johnson, with the conversation including Anna asking about Anthony's "girlfriend": his expensive camera. The comment suggested that Anthony focused very deeply on his career, and as it turned out, it was exactly the case, as Anthony's career was the apparent cause of his marriage to Anna coming to an end. As it also turned out, Anna's kindness regarding her husband was a cover for her true feelings, as she was not only bitter over the divorce, she was the one who actually killed Anthony.

Anna heard a phone message left by hotel owner Nicholas Costa, who had phoned Anthony and told him that Whit Coleman, a famous celebrity, would be at his establishment. Unbeknownst to Costa, Anthony had moved from the home, allowing Anna to hear the message and later track Anthony to the hotel, where he was taking photos of Coleman with his illicit male lover, Jose Dias. Anna confronted Anthony, who stated that he knew he was behind on child support but he now has the money to pay her. She was not interested in Anthony's money, she wanted Anthony back, and when she was told that it would not happen, a deranged Anna took Anthony's camera and held it over the balcony. Anthony's attempt to get the camera resulted in him falling over the balcony and hanging on for dear life. However, the evil Anna stomped on Anthony's hands and sent him falling to his death, and after the murder, the villainess set it up to look like Anthony jumped to his death, and later sold the memory card for $300,000.

Costa became a suspect when his name popped up, and he was the one who revealed Coleman and Dias' affair. However, after a conversation with Fritz Howard regarding a female colleague of his not know that he had a new number, it led Brenda to the conclusion that Anna was Anthony's killer. Brenda's interrogation with Anna uncovered photos of the villainess at the scene, and it was at that moment that Anna admitted to killing Anthony accidentally, stating that she didn't care about his money. However, an x-ray of Anthony's broken hand revealed that Anna intentionally killed Anthony, and Brenda revealed Anna's greed when she uncovered the $300,000 in her account after she sold the card. After tossing the camera in anger, Anna admitted to killing Anthony intentionally, stating that she loved him and the celebrities he was chasing took him away from her, right before she was arrested (off-screen).

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