Anna Kaminsky

Greedy villainess Anna Kaminsky

Anna Kaminsky (Jo Van Fleet; 1915-1996) was a villainess from "Reward to Finder," episode 3.06 of Alfred Hitchcock Presents (airdate November 10, 1957). She was the wife of Carl Kaminsky, who found a lost wallet containing $5,200 in cash.

Once Carl showed the wallet, which had no identification on it, to Anna, he had planned to keep it for himself, while Anna urged Carl to place an ad and return it. After much prodding, Carl does so, and he later claimed that he had returned the wallet. However, Anna still saw the ad in the paper, which revealed that Carl had lied about returning the wallet and was keeping the cash for himself. With that, Anna gave Carl an ultimatum: either allow her to spend the money at an expensive store, or she would call the police on him.

Not wanting to risk being arrested, Carl gives in to Anna's demand, and she later buys a fur coat and other items at a clothing store. Carl becomes fed up with his wife's spending and orders her to stop, and it was at that moment that Anna was on the phone about to call the police regarding the money. Instead, Anna turned heel and planned to kill her husband, doing so by making a poisoned cup of coffee for him. The villainess went down to the attic, where Carl was counting the money, and handed the coffee to Carl. At that moment, the evil Anna urged Carl to drink the coffee; however, Carl had his own murderous plan to keep the money, and he later bludgeoned Anna to death. The episode ends, though, with Carl drinking the coffee and (assumingly) succumbing to Anna's fatal poisoning.

Trivia Edit

  • Jo Van Fleet later played villainess Amelia Bronston on The Wild Wild West.
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