Evil landlady Anna Kalinski

Anna Kalinski (Marylouise Burke) is the main villainess from "Long Shot," episode 1.08 of Instinct (airdate May 27, 2018). She is the landlady of an apartment complex, which once had Detective Lizzie Needham as a tenant.

The building also had Troy, a schizophrenic war vet, as a tenant, which served as an obstacle for the greedy Anna, as she was looking to sell her building to developer Brett Maxton. Because of Troy's issues, Anna couldn't sell the building, and her attempt to get him evicted failed. However, when she heard Troy arguing with a gang member about a gun and giving it to Troy, Anna saw it as a sinister solution to her problem.

Anna took the gun from Troy's apartment and later went on top of the roof, firing the gun at random. The wild shot struck Rameen Nasjami, the operator of a youth center, and after committing the act, the evil Anna attempted to put the gun back in Troy's apartment. Unfortunately for the villainess, Troy changed the locks, so she tossed the gun in a dumpster. Even so, Anna's villainous plan worked, as Troy was charged with the shooting due to his experience as a sharpshooter.

Anna acted charming to both Lizzie and Dylan Reinhart to cover up her villainous demeanor, but an inspection on the roof ended up revealing Anna as the villainess, as her footprints were spotted. Lizzie and Dylan confronted Anna at the apartment and revealed her actions and her plan to sell the building, with Anna originally denying the claims. When the gun was shown to Anna after being found in the dumpster, Lizzie gave Anna a chance to confess, especially since Rameen was hospitalized (but still alive) due to her evil actions. Anna confessed, and she was later arrested (off-screen).

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