Anna Boudreau

The evil Anna Boudreau

Anna Boudreau (Clare Carey) is the main villainess from NCIS: New Orleans' second season opener, "Sic Semper Tyrannis" (airdate September 22, 2015). She is the ex-wife of militia leader Brant Boudreau, who was nicknamed "Father."

However, Anna believed that Brant was more about money than their actual message, and a year prior to the episode's events, the evil Anna shot and killed Brant. With the help of Zed Hastings (Brant's second-in-command), the villainess recruited members using a video of Brant. The pair later colluded to steal a guidance chip from a missile, which had access to the locations of every military asset. Anna's plan was to sell the chip to every enemy of the U.S.

Percy and LaSalle first encountered Anna (who was armed) at her home, and she posed as a fragile woman who was in fear of Zed. It was in the final scenes that Anna's role as a militia villainess was revealed, and she would later be encountered by Pride, who found the chip in her purse. When asked about the amount she would be paid, Anna stated that money had nothing to do with it, and she killed Brant because he was in the way. The maniacal villainess also said that all of America's enemies and the militia shared a common hatred of the U.S. Government, while boasting that they will easily prevail while keeping them occupied. Following her twisted message, Anna was handcuffed and arrested by Pride.

Trivia Edit

  • Claire Carey also appeared on Perception as the evil Victoria Pavel.


  • "You think this was about money? My ex, he wanted money. But you know what? He never even believed a word that came out of his mouth." (Anna Boudreau chastising her late ex-husband)
  • "He was in the way. And he couldn't see. (Pride: "See what?") That the Russians, the Pakistanis, the jihadists; we all have a common enemy: the U.S. Government. And the busier they keep you, the easier it is for us to prevail. Sic semper tyrannis. Movements have mothers, too." (Anna Boudreau explaining why she killed her ex-husband, and revealing her evil plan)


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