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Anna (Katherine Rose) is a minor antagonist in the 2009 action film "Enemies Among Us".

Anna is an assassin who has received the contract to pose as a prostitute and kill Louisiana Governor Chip Majors (James DuMont).  Governor Majors is in line to become the Vice Presidential nominee for North Carolina Senator Edmonds (Steven Bauer).

The morning of the nomination, Majors meets Anna in a hotel room.  After receiving $1000 payment from Majors, she stuffs it in her bra.  While Majors undresses in the bathroom, she pulls out a pistol with silencer attached.  However, Majors overhears her attaching the silencer and then oversees her from the door acting suspicious.  When Anna enters, he pounces on her and throws her on the bed, wrestling the gun away from her.

He finds that she has been paid $100,000 from a group led by a man named Graham (Billy Zane).  Anna lets out a scream, and Majors strangles her.  The scream was heard by his protection who were outside the hotel room.  The officers find the body, and Majors offers them both a million dollars to keep it quiet, which they agree.


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