Anita Karr

The evil Anita Karr

Anita Karr (Kathleen Munroe) was the hidden main villainess from NCIS: New Orleans episode 2.19, "Means to an End" (airdate March 22, 2016).

Anita Karr was the attorney for notorious militia leader Troy Spooner, who was being questioned after one of the militia members attacked Dwayne Pride's daughter, Laurel, while she was out jogging. She had been defending several members of the militia (including Spooner), and provided a fake alibi for Spooner regarding his whereabouts. Anita later claimed that she was forced by the militia to cover for them, and gave information regarding their latest attack at a military rally.

In the final scenes, however, Anita turned heel when she was revealed to be leading the militia under Spooner's nose. She masterminded the rally attack, which was thwarted by Pride, and later on, the evil Anita knocked out Sonja Percy and intended to shoot and kill Laurel--revealing her true role. Laurel knocks the gun from Anita's hands and runs towards her father. Anita is later shot and killed by Sonja.

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