Angie Serabian

The evil and greedy Angie Serabian

Angie Serabian (Jennifer Coolidge) is a villainess from "Dial M for Provenza," episode 4.05 of The Closer (airdate August 11, 2008). She is the wife of Alex Serabian, the owner of Serabian Motors.

Angie was shown in a romantic embrace with Lt. Louie Provenza in the beginning of the episode, with Angie referring to Provenza as "George." It was during the opening scenes that Angie's heel persona was established, as Provenza's role was part of a sting operation against her, as he was portraying a hitman hired by Angie to kill Alex. The villainess paid "George" $20,000 for the murder, and after she was fully implicated, Lt. Andy Flynn appeared and arrested Angie, who expressed anger over "George" revealing himself as a cop.

Angie continued voicing her indignation and made claims that Alex cut up her credit cards and treated her like a prostitute as part of her reasons for wanting her husband killed. While Flynn and Provenza were detailing Angie's fate, however, the latter lieutenant's car--which had the evidence against Angie--was stolen, with the villainess expressing glee that she would get away with her scheme. She was later shown in a shouting match with Alex at the police station, but late on evening, Alex was shot to death at the car dealership, with Angie running out of the area in an apparent state of panic, only to later laugh maniacally over the fact that she would be rich due to her husband's death.

As it turned out, Angie's motive was greed, as she would inherit half of Serabian Motors in the event of her husband's death. As revealed in her interrogation in the episode's climax, the evil Angie approached her brother-in-law, Hovnan "Hank" Serabian, for $20,000 to "make her problems go away"--eventually giving the money (revealed to be all fakes except for approximately $200) to Provenza for her villainous murder-for-hire scheme. Though Alex wasn't killed at that point, his murder following the sting operation made Angie a prime suspect. However, it was revealed that Hank was the true killer, as the other half of the company would go to him. As for Angie, she spoke with Provenza and stated that she gave him the phony money because she was afraid that he would leave her after killing Alex, with Angie officially implicating herself in the process. Afterwards, Angie was arrested for attempted murder.

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