Angie McHenry

Callous and deceptive murderer Angie McHenry

Angie McHenry (Mira Sorvino) is the hidden villainess of the 2019 comedy film Stuber. She was a Los Angeles Police Department captain and the superior of one of the film's main protagonists, Detective Vic Manning.

Angie's first appearance had her inform Vic that the case involving notorious drug trafficker Oka Tedjo (the film's main antagonist and the person who killed Vic's then partner Sara Morris in the opening scenes) was being turned over to the FBI, enraging him. Furthermore, the film's progression saw Vic go on his own quest to capture Oka after receiving a tip from Leon, doing so with the unlikely help of an Uber driver named Stu (the film's other main protagonist). The pair ended up encountering a gang of Tedjo's henchmen at an animal hospital run by Dr. Branch, after which they successfully took down and killed the group. Vic then informed Stu to send a text to one of Oka's cohorts, which falsely stated that the former was dead.

However, in a twist, Angie's alignment with Tedjo was uncovered while she was at Nicole's (Vic's daughter) art gallery—where she was shown receiving the text on her phone. Afterwards, the corrupt conspirator greeted Nicole and answered her question regarding her father by claiming not to have seen him before leaving to run an "important errand." The villainess was later shown at Branch's office, where she shot him to death after he revealed that the protagonists were there. Following Stu's advice, Vic phoned Captain McHenry and asked for backup, with neither of them being aware of Angie's wicked personality and duplicity at the time.

The film's climactic scenes featured Angie meeting up with Vic, who was shocked to see that she was the only one who appeared. In response to Vic's inquiry about the FBI, the evil murderer stated that they weren't needed, after which she held her subordinate at gunpoint and cemented her reveal as Oka's mole. In addition, the villainess disclosed that she and Tedjo had Leon set up the meeting with Vic, after which he shot him to death, and it was also uncovered that her collusion led to Morris getting killed. Angie planned to kill Vic and frame him for her criminal activity, only for Stu (who sensed something was amiss when he only saw her vehicle) to return and run her down in his car. Angie is not seen or mentioned afterwards, and it is left unknown if she ultimately survived being hit with said car.


  • Mira Sorvino previously played Veronica Simon in the 2016 Lifetime film Indiscretion.
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