The evil Angeline Dilworth

Angeline Dilworth (Claire Rankin) is the main villainess from "Mr. Monk and the Voodoo Curse," episode 8.07 of Monk (airdate September 25, 2009). She is a registered nurse and the niece of magnate Robert Byrd, who was the victim of a perceived voodoo-related death. Various good luck charms are found all over the house when Monk investigates the crime scene, and when asked about them, Angeline stated that he was highly superstitious.

In actuality, the evil Angeline killed her uncle with an untraceable poison and placed the charms in the house to make it appear that voodoo caused his death. Before doing so, Angeline placed voodoo dolls in the houses of Martha Moxley and Ralph Ferris, who later died in tragic accidents. She also sent a decapitated voodoo doll to Natalie Teeger, who was strongly convinced that voodoo is real, doing so to keep Monk off her trail.

After an attempted "exorcism" results in Natalie falling ill, Angeline is on the call. While in the ambulance, Natalie figures out that Angeline sent the doll, when she sees that the name "Teeger" is misspelled, just like on the package. At that moment, Angeline and Natalie engage in a scuffle, which ends with Angeline being apprehended. As for motive, Monk's summation suggests that Angeline killed her uncle for financial reasons.

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