Angelica Angel

Evil thief Angelica Dira (aka Angelica Angel)

Angelica Dira aka Angelica Angel (Molly Morgan) is the main villainess of "The Great Escape", episode 1.05 of Fox's The Finder (airdate February 9, 2012). She was the assistant to magician Preston Miller, who enlisted the help of Walter Sherman to find Angelica after she mysteriously disappeared during a casino performance. The two were performing their newest trick, "The Phoenix", to impress a Las Vegas booking agent in the crowd, with the trick having Angelica get into a box decorated as a phoenix and escaping it before it burst into flames. The allusion went awry when Preston was unable to stop the fire with an incantation, but when firemen examined the scene, no human remains were found.

Upon investigating the stage, however, Walter found a secret tunnel out of the original trap door used in the Phoenix trick that led to the casino safe. It was later determined that Angelica had used Preston's trick as a diversion to steal the money from the casino's safe and replace it with counterfeit bills, using accelerant to set a fire so she could use the panic as a distraction to commit her crime. It was later discovered that Angelica was working under the alias of Angelica Dira and was the head of a three-person counterfeiting ring: her two conspirators being art student Maddox Holt and his teacher Derek Towers.

Walter and Leo were able to track Maddox's address down after visiting with Derek (not knowing he was also a part of Angelica's ring), arriving just in time to see Angelica standing over Maddox's body. Angelica escaped, and Walter determined that the evil villainess had killed him by slipping poison into his drink. After finding out that Derek was Angelica's other conspirator, Leo and Walter were able to decipher that the two were planning to flee to Mexico--with Walter successfully seeing past Angelica's attempts to manipulate the authorities in the wrong direction. After arresting Derek, Walter finally found Angelica, who was now disguised as a boy. Angelica attacked Walter in an attempt to flee, but Walter fought back and (with Leo's help) was able to track her inside a suitcase. Angelica was presumably arrested offscreen.


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