Sexy Angela Flores

The evil Angela Flores

Angela Flores (Angélica Celaya) is a villainess from Burn Notice. She appeared in episode 6.09: "Official Business."

Angela Flores is a CIA asset who was sent to investigate Vincent Durov, who is suspected of selling military technology to terrorists. Fiona is sent to protect Angela, as part of her deal with the CIA that got her out of jail, but Angela is revealed as a villainess when she pointed a gun at Fiona after breaking into Durov's safe, confirming that she was the one who was selling materials to terrorists on the black market. In addition to that revelation, the evil Angela also revealed that she killed the last CIA agent who was sent to protect her, and she strapped a bomb to Fiona in an attempt to kill her.

A diversion created by Michael Westen keeps Angela from escaping, while Fiona breaks free. Once back in, Angela accuses Fiona of planting the bomb on the safe. In an attempt to catch Angela in front of Durov, Fiona tells Durov's security that pulling the yellow wire will diffuse the bomb. Knowing that is not the case, Angela stops this maneuver and enters the code that shuts off the bomb, exposing her ruse and thwarting her evil plans. Angela is later arrested for her crimes.

Trivia Edit

  • Angélica Celaya later played villainess Sonia Ruiz on Castle.


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