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The psychotic Angela Dillashaw

Angela Dillashaw (Kimberly Bowie) is the villainess of the 2016 short horror film Minus 1. She was the wife of David Dillashaw and the mother of their infant son, Jacob. Her slight backstory revealed that she suffered from alcoholism and depression, with the film opening with Angela waking up and taking medication.

Angela then went to the kitchen and sat at the table with David, who chided Angela for sleeping late and getting drunk the previous night. Angela heatedly asked David to get her some coffee, with David responding that she needed water and food, bringing her a glass of water with a sandwich and an orange. David also presented Angela with a folder containing divorce papers, stating they would have to talk about his intentions to leave Angela.

In response, Angela attempted to dissuade David's intentions by stating her anti-depressants would take time to kick and that she had cut down on her drinking, only for David to reveal the true cause for his and Angela's marital issues: Jacob. David went on to blast Angela for marrying him and becoming "baby crazy" despite knowing about David's disinterest in having children, while also accusing her for seducing him to get the child she wanted and complaining about how he'd had to give up his writing career to provide for Jacob.

Angela broke down in tears at David's rant, with David apologizing to his wife and stating that they had been trying to deal with their marital problems for two years and couldn't keep fooling themselves. David then asked his wife to go rest so they could talk later, with Angela briefly arguing that she knew what had to be done before acquiescing, asking David to get her another glass of water. But after David returned from the kitchen, he found the divorce papers and knife he used to cut Angela's sandwich missing, as Angela had taken them and gone upstairs to Jacob's bedroom.

As David attempted to get Angela to unlock the door, Angela tearfully looked at the divorce papers before glancing down at her crying son. Panicked, David eventually forced the door open--only to be horrified to find Angela in the midst of stabbing Jacob to death. As the film ended, the evil Angela proclaimed that they were "free again"; revealing that the psychotic villainess believing killing Jacob would result in David calling off his divorce plans. Angela's fate beyond that is left unrevealed.


  • Minus 1 was also adapted into a 15-second horror film under the title Baby Blues.



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